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Fully Automatic Organic Waste Composting Machines

Environmental Recycle systems (ERS) the product by V Kwality Co. the fully automatic composting machine also known as organic waste converter decompose the organic waste gives you high quality compost in your own building or premises and handles your waste organization problem completely. With the use of decentralized technology, we aim to prevent the environmental degradation and risk of harm to human health. We work towards protecting and enhancing the quality of the environment. We wish to achieve effective integration of environmental, economic and social considerations in decision-making processes.

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Our Dedication to preserving the Environment shows in the effort we put to design our products. Creating sustainable solutions for our clients and the world is our top concern .


We make solutions, not products. Our solutions are testimonials of the quality we provide to our valued clients. We take pride in creating value for our clients.


We provide top quality, knowledgeable, quick services for all our clientele. Our maintenance, Installation and operation Services are the best in the business.

How do ERS Automatic Organic Waste Composting Machines work?

ERS accepts the organic waste into the compost tank.

After plugging in the machine, the moisture sensor senses the moisture content in the waste, thus actuating the in-built cutting blades which cut the organic waste into fine particles.

The smart electronic controller controls the heating, thus, providing a uniform temperature for the growth of the micro-organisms fed at the time of installation.

These micro-organisms decompose the organic waste and producea high quality compost. Since the organic matter contains 70-80% water, this water content is evaporated during the process and gets removed from the machine through the exhaust provided at the back side of the machine.

Thus, a volume reduction of 80-90% is achieved during the process. So, for a waste of 100 kg, the output will be 12-15 kg of compost.  The process is completely noiseless and odorless.