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Rotary Drum

The Rotary Drum Composter reduces composting time to 2-3 weeks. Consistent rotation of the compost and the side air vents allow the organic waste to remain in contact with oxygen, while the drum retains heat. The system is frequently used for organic food waste and yard trimmings For Enquiries, please contact us

The machine is developed on the principle of providing a complete composting system in a single machine. The input is first fed to the shredding mechanism which reduces the size of the waste material and maximizes the surface area to micro-organisms for quick composting. Aerobic composting being an exothermic process generates heat which further helps in removing the moisture by evaporation and renders dry, ready-to-use compost in a few days. The compost can be unloaded at uniform levels from the discharge end. The air exchanges from the composting chamber ensure adequate availability of air required for aerobic composting.